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He recalled: 'He so aroused my hot temper by doubting my word of honour and wagging a finger under my nose that I seized him by the scruff of his neck and the seat of his trousers - and pitched him out into his own. Subsequent plays never repeated the success of the first, and he made the final mistake of selling the amateur rights of The Ghost Train for 200. The producer David Croft had been worried that, at 72, OB might not live long enough to complete the first series.

Not to me, though: even now, I tend to be brusque and sullen when people introduce me as 'Godfrey's son'. Then, to his great surprise, Dad's Army came along - and from 1968 to 1977, he played Godfrey, the oldest Home Guardsman in the platoon, in 80 TV episodes. My father talked about his experiences of World War I only reluctantly, but I knew that the 'war to end wars with its sucking mud, rats the size of cats and appalling death toll, had caused him untold anguish.

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